Welcome to the world of Persia, let us take you on a voyage of Persian delight.


Persia and the countries bordered by the Mediterranean Sea produce some of the finest food the world has to offer. In many ways these countries are completely different from each other, yet the love of great cuisine links them together.




Persian Restaurant offers you an experience of great taste and style. The Persian cuisine with a contemporary touch is a tantaliser for both the eye and palate. Discover delectable subtleties from the food of the sun. Our aim is to bring you a true taste of Persian and Mediterranean food.




A Taste of Persia



Our rice is cooked in a two-step process. In our first process, we get rid of the starch by boiling the rice for a certain period of time. In the second, we make our rice nice and fluffy by steaming the rice for an extended period of time. Our cooking method; combined with the very best Basmati Rice, and seasoning Saffron, makes for an irresistible taste.


“For the kebab marinating we use lime, lemon, onion and olive oil; all high in anti-oxidants. We use no tenderizers and the color and flavor come from the expensive spice, Saffron!”


By having a variety of Kebabs, e.g. Lamb, Beef, Chicken, and Salmon, we give our customers a great selection of tasty succulent meats, all this while keeping them happy and healthy. Rice is also offered in a variety of different flavors such as Sour Cherry rice, Barberry rice, Meat w/Cut Green Beans Rice, and Lima beans w/Dill rice.


We advocate for healthy eating hence our meals are prepared in line with this. All the appetizers are very healthy, containing herbs, fresh vegetables, beans, and spices. Our Sumac spice, which is a very high anti-oxidant, is served on the table. With a tangy flavor, it can be used instead of salt or lemon, helping the digestion of meats while lowering cholesterol.


Persian Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. When you walk out of our restaurant we guarantee you will have something to talk about and you can be confident that you have had a delectable and healthy meal experience.


"Come and enjoy a meal with your family in an unforgettable atmosphere filled with music and genuine hospitality."


“We are a Family oriented restaurant and we have a Kids corner, where the kids can play while you enjoy the Persian experience